How Your Google Profile Can Help Recruiters Find You

In this article for U.S. News & World Report, Miram Salpeter explains How Your Google Profile Can Help Recruiters Find You.

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If you have an ear to the online sphere, you know Google+, Google’s newest social platform, is all the rage. While Google+ is still in invitation-only mode, early results indicate it could be a keeper. The Wall Street Journal estimates Google+ had 20 million visitors in three weeks. (Google declines to comment, and leaders are cagey when asked for specifics.)

Many early adopters are excitedly proclaiming the new network a replacement for everything from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook. No one knows how things will shake out in the social networking sphere, but there is no doubt Google+ heightens the importance of your Google profile.

If you use Google for search and have a profile already, you may have noticed Google provides search results “from people you know.” Current Google search results may include links (even on page one) identified as being shared by your community, assuming your contacts share links regarding the topics you search. They pass along these links by giving articles +1, Google’s version of a Facebook “like.”

Whether or not you choose to join Google+, Google’s ability to connect your profile with searches and the fact that more recruiters may begin to search Google profiles for people to hire make your Google profile an important and powerful tool in your online arsenal.

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