How to Look and Feel Your Best for Holiday Networking

In this article from U.S. News & World Report, Miriam Salpeter shows you How to Look and Feel Your Best for Holiday Networking.

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Some people believe this time of the year is not the ideal time to be in job search mode. Conventional wisdom suggests everyone is too busy delving into the holiday season to focus on identifying and securing new candidates. Whether or not you subscribe to the “holidays are slow for hiring” theory, there’s no doubt it is an opportune time to take advantage of networking. Parties and informal gatherings offer numerous chances to meet new people, and you may benefit from people feeling upbeat and generous at this time of the year.

It’s a good idea to prepare in advance so you will look and feel your best during this busy time of the year. Have you considered giving yourself the gift of an image update? Diana Jennings, president of California-based Brand You Image and a leader within the image profession works with professionals to teach them how to increase their visual influence. “By giving your image and the visual representation of your brand a boost, you’ll bring positive attention to yourself, while potentially making valuable contacts,” she says. Jennings reminds professionals not to lose sight of the fact that a networking event can actually be an informal interview.

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