Job Search – Should You Believe Company Reviews?

By srichardson on February 14, 2013 in Career Transition, Job Search Advice, Job Seeker Tips, Job Seekers

In this article from The Daily Muse, Katie Douthwaite writes, Should You Believe Company Reviews?

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When you need help picking out a new book, gadget, hairstylist, or even doctor, what do you do?

Turn to online reviews, of course! Almost all online retailers, from Amazon to individual retail e-boutiques, provide a way for customers to review their products and services. And we, as consumers, scour these reviews to guarantee we’re making the perfect choice.

So it should be no surprise that there are company review sites, like and, that provide a window-shopping experience for the modern jobseeker. You can see reviews and information (like average salaries) from current and former employees—all designed to help you gauge the overall company experience.

But how do these sites fit in to your job hunt? Should you take them as absolute truth, or with a grain of salt? Before you go down the rabbit hole of online reviews, here are some guidelines for effectively incorporating them into your job search—and your ultimate employment decisions.
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