The Colonel’s Secret Recipe to Crafting the Perfect Job Ad

By Amanda Moore on August 22, 2013 in Job Advertising Tips, Job Seekers

We at Career Marketplace have been operating industry and regional job boards like and for nearly 20 years. In that time, we’ve developed unique insights on the hiring process.

The hiring process is a pain in the you-know-what, but it’s a necessary part of doing business.

We pride ourselves on making the doldrums of the hiring process simpler. Find good people. Save time and money. Avoid headaches. That’s our process. 

So, what is the secret recipe to crafting the perfect job ad? Of course, it’s not an exact science. Sorry, Colonel Sanders. But, we do have some unconventional tips for your benefit.

1. Tell A Story

If you want the best candidates to apply for your company, then you need to entice them to want to work for you. Good candidates are hard to find. If the good ones aren’t pounding on your door now, then a poorly crafted job ad isn’t going to change that.

Senior Account Rep, Jamie Whitacre says,

“Employers need to tell a story to the candidates about why they would want to come and work for them. The story should be detailed to get a good response, but not so descriptive that you eliminate everyone.”

Jamie’s wisdom brings us to our next tip…

2. Do Not Write a Novel

It’s a job advertisement, not Tolstoy’s War and Peace. A good story DOES NOT include every single detail; it merely crafts the most important details into a good story.

Job Description

Obviously, include the job title and a brief description (not a daily play-by-play) of the job.  Add a sentence about the company and a link to your company’s website. You’ll find that savvy candidates will research your company prior to the interview.

Education and Work Experience

Briefly describe the education and experience requirements.

3. Let the Requirements Fit the Job

If you’re hiring for an entry-level position that requires 3-5 years of experience, you’re going to scare candidates away. Entry-level means entry/beginning. Also, if the job is so highly specialized that few candidates qualify, consider advertising for candidates with a similar skill set who can be trained.

4. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Choose your words wisely, and pack the job ad with appropriate keywords and industry terms. Why, you ask?

Account Rep, Steve Kirkbride says,

“Include keywords common to the industry so that job seekers will find your job advertisement when they do a Google keyword search.”

This is important! Using keywords will help the eager job seeker to find your advertisement based on keywords specific to your industry.

5. One ‘Apply Now’ Button

There should only be one ‘Apply Now’ button on your job ad. This is our biggest pet peeve about big-box job boards; they often have multiple ‘Apply Now’ buttons on a job ad. One ‘Apply Now’ button sends job seekers to your company’s website, while the other lets them upload their resume. One button is right and one is wrong, and you will likely lose applicants.

How do you fix this? Check your job ad after it’s posted. Better yet, post your jobs with us! We’ve built our system to absolutely prevent this problem. And, we have a customer service team in Canton, Ohio to help you.

6. Show Me the Money!!

People want to get paid! Nobody works just because they’re benevolent. We have to put food on the table and preferably steak. Be sure to post compensation, health care, and benefits information! We suggest including a pay range to entice enterprising job seekers to apply!

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