The Battle of Infographic Resumes vs. Plain Resumes

Infographic Resumes vs. Plain Resumes

The Twitter Battle of Epic Controversy

We recently Tweeted this Chicago Tribune article, Why You Should Think Twice About That Infographic Resume, by Erik Bowitz of the Brazen Careerist.

We tweeted the article from @AkronWorks, the twitter page of our local job board, provides job posting services in Akron, OH and offers job search and resume tips to job seekers on Twitter and Facebook.

The article-post ignited a firestorm of comments from the Infographic Resume community (the people who make their living from crafting infographic resumes) because the article scrutinized the use of infographic resumes compared to traditional plain white resumes.

So, what do you think?

Have you used an Infographic Resume to land a job? Have you ever even heard of Infographic Resumes? Would you use them instead of traditional resumes if you had access to an Infographic Resume designer?

We realize we’ve stumbled on a hotbed of resume controversy, Infographic Resumes vs. Plain Resumes. We want to hear from you so we can offer Job Seekers the most accurate advice. Let’s discuss.  Leave your comments below.

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