Job Advertising Campaigns: Why Growing Companies Make the Investment

By Amanda Moore on September 12, 2013 in Employers

Job Advertising Campaigns: Why Growing Companies Make the Investment

The hiring process is a pain, but it’s a necessary part of doing business. If you’ve been in business for any extended period of time, then you know good people are hard to find and well worth the investment. At Career Marketplace, we encourage all of our advertising clients to invest in good people by taking the time and resources to invest in job advertising campaigns. Here’s why:

1. Branding

The term “job ad” implies that it is a marketing instrument. It’s an advertisement. Imagine that. Not only does it communicate the facts of your company’s hiring needs but it should also employ some marketing techniques to entice valuable candidates to want to apply.

Senior Account rep Jamie Whitacre of Career Marketplace says, “I’ve learned that if you’re not constantly branding yourself to job seekers as a preferred company of choice, you are doing yourself a disservice. Especially as new tech and oil companies spring-up and expand throughout the country, they will market themselves and they will take those who should have been your employees.”

2. Advertising Campaigns are 90 Days

Okay, be honest. Have you ever run a job ad but then declined to renew the job ad because it didn’t return the results you wanted on the first run? You’re not the only, but this is not the best approach.

In the wonderful world of marketing, advertising campaigns run at least 90 days if not longer. Job ads and job advertising campaigns are no different; if you want a job ad to work then you need to give it time to filter through your audience.

A 2011 survey by Harris Interactive published on the HR blog showed that 74% of employed workers are passive job seekers and would consider changing jobs if the right opportunity came along. Passive job seekers are those who check job boards from time-to-time. That’s a huge majority of American workers! This figure suggests that job advertising campaigns of at least 90 days are the way to go, because of the vast amount of qualified workers who check job boards for better opportunities from time-to-time. If you want to be in front of this audience of gainfully employed individuals, then you’ll want to advertise your job openings as part of an extended advertising campaign.

 3. Consistency

Consistent business practices speak volumes to the character and stability of a company. This includes marketing practices, and specifically recruiting and job advertising practices. Passive (and active) job seekers want to see companies who regularly advertise job openings because it portrays the company as consistently expanding. I want to work for a growing company, don’t you? It also shows that the company cares enough about its workforce to be on top of its hiring game.

If you haven’t noticed, the most successful American companies recruit everywhere and all the time. Their marketing plan isn’t one ad here and maybe one ad over there in 6 months. Successful companies recruit and advertise on national job boards, LinkedIn, at regional job fairs, AND ON LOCAL JOB BOARDS (because most legitimate candidates are local people)! They don’t want to miss that dynamite candidate and they have the fore-site to conduct consistent recruitment and advertising practices.

What do you think?

Does your company conduct job advertising campaigns, or have you thought about it? What are the barriers your company experiences when searching for the right candidates?




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