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By Joy Belus on April 4, 2014 in Job Seekers, Job Fair, Success Stories

The Job Fair has 80 employers attending this Spring’s Event. The StarkJobs team is hard at work making sure this event from 10 AM to 2 PM on Tuesday, April 15, runs smoothly and gets results! To get those results we have another local business that is returning to the StarkJobs Job Fair, Incept of Canton Ohio. Not only do we want results, we know you as the job seeker want results and so do our friends over at Incept. And we know this not only from speaking with them but it’s in their slogan!

Lets talk…results

I got to learn a little more about Incept from actually speaking with a Results Representative, Allison Sage. Incept now has 250 employees and with their continued growth for 2014 they plan to be at 325 by the end of the summer. This will definitely help Incept especially with the company having divisions to fill which include:

  1. Incept Saves Division: This is the non-profit division that specializes in blood donor recruiting for blood centers across the entire U.S. They also consult for these blood centers, that have their own internal contact centers, by helping them optimize their operations.
  2. Incept Results Division: This part actually specializes in business to business customer acquisition, customer service and customer retention strategies geared at software as a service company and other subscriber customer based companies.

In the past 3 years Incept has been awarded The Top Work Place in Ohio twice and a Psychologically Healthy Workplace once. They believe that treating employees with dignity and respect really pays off in performance and loyalty. Allison said “We pride ourselves on developing our people and have a leadership team that has been promoted up through the organization over the years and we continue to stay true to our roots by promoting from the phones whenever possible”.

Incept works hard to separate themselves from the competition- not only in their core business, but also their employment practices and environment. With this healthy living in the workplace, Incept has been extremely fortunate to experience a 25% growth each year for the past 8 years.

This growth and best work practices has allowed them to keep returning to the Job Fairs. Allison said they love attending the Job Fairs because they get to connect with a large number of candidates and interact with people who do not know their story.

“We get to discuss the work we are so passionate about

and have the opportunity to meet a lot of highly qualified candidates.

Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful

and the day always runs so smoothly!”


So, Job Seekers come out to this Spring’s Job Fair at Kent State Stark in the University Center to meet Incept. They and the rest of the local businesses are excited to meet with you face-to-face and discuss career opportunities. So dress to impress and make sure you bring multiple copies of your resume!

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