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By Joy Belus on April 7, 2014 in Job Seekers, StarkJobs.com Job Fair, Success Stories

Hello Everyone! Today is a fabulous Monday because we are now a week and one day away from this Spring’s StarkJobs.com Job Fair. We will be continuing to post all of the information on this Spring’s Event on our Blog, StarkJobs.com, Facebook and Twitter! (@starkjobs) Along with the information for the Job Fair we will be continuing to post success stories from our clients/friends and their experiences with StarkJobs.com.

waikemfinanceThere is a particular story that I wanted to save for today to really start the week off right! You know how you turn on the news or search for the latest updates online? Most of the time, for me at least, I always seem to hear way more bad news than good.

But, when you do hear those good stories, somehow you can always find a way to relate. And, I believe this next success story that I have will not only inspire but it will provide that sense of reality for some people and, the things in life that are possible!

So, last week I had the privilege of speaking with our friend Darren Sponseller who is the General Sales Manager down at Waikem Honda in Massillon, Ohio. What was so great about our conversation was, of course the success story, but I actually learned much more about the company than I previously knew. Darren, who has been with Waikem for 20 years, really gave some insight on how they continue to be the well oiled machine that they are.

“It has to start from within.”

Like Darren, there are many people that work for Waikem who have been there since they graduated from High School. These kids would come in and start off by washing cars and eventually move up the ranks through Parts, Sales, Manager, General Sales Manager and so on. That’s why out of the 250 employees, you will meet many people who have been there for 20-40 years. Waikem is able to do this because they are big on coaching and developing their people. So, not only can you have a great job at Waikem Honda but you can make it a career.

Speaking of careers, this is actually what Waikem Honda’s success story is about. For the privacy of our job seeker in this story we are going to call him John. Like many John, who had his previous job for many years and waikemservicewas now in his 40’s, had the unfortunate experience of being unemployed for a long time.

John has a wife and a couple children at home, so you can imagine how difficult that must have been. So, John applied for the Sales Position that Waikem Honda posted on StarkJobs.com. From the site Waikem was able to view his resume, then brought him in for an interview and the rest is history.

John was hired for the sales position at Waikem Honda off of Starkjobs.com. He passed through 2 weeks of required training for the sales position with flying colors, and was eager to get started. John had worked with many people in his previous job, so he had no problem making conversation with the customers. He was excelling and fast! Darren said, he actually had customers stopping by his office just to express how great John was.

“Their making it a point to tell me about the guy.”

“What an experience!”

“What a great guy.”

Customers absolutely love him. John’s customer service and eagerness to succeed not only for himself but for his family resulted in his March Top Sales Award! Now, I want to be clear about this. I am talking about this past month of March that ended a week ago! John’s first month on the sales floor he out sold people who have been there for years. I was told by Darren that the nationwide average amount of cars sold per sales person a month is about 10-12; John sold 19!

John struggled like many in this area, but he applied on StarkJobs.com, and now has the opportunity to have a great career. Waikem Honda not only continues to post on StarkJobs but they will be returning to this Spring’s Job Fair at Kent State Stark in the University Center on April 15. Don’t miss out on your next great employment opportunity and then share your success story with us! Come see Waikem Honda and 80 other companies at the StarkJobs.com Job Fair!

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