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By Joy Belus on April 11, 2014 in Job Seekers, Job Fair, Success Stories, Uncategorized

Today is the Friday before the Spring Job Fair. Don’t forget it is taking place on Tuesday April 15th from 10 AM to 2 PM. This event we are being joined by 80+ employers which of one includes Carrols, LLC or you may know them as Burger King.

Carrols started as a division of a larger Midwestern firm back in 1960. Now they currently own and operate over 570 restaurants that are under the Burger King Brand. This allows them to operate in 13 states and employ over 17,000 people. Carrols has always and always will continue to run their company for the benefit of everyone involved. They take the time to invest in their employees, to help them grow and develop with the company. At Carrols you’re not just a number and it is not just a job that you punch in and out of.  Yes, you have to be committed and have the drive to want to succeed and grow because, Carrols provides the environment for you to make a career.

“Over the last 7 years I have hired close to 100 employees

from your job fairs for our Burger Kings

in the Akron/Canton area, and 67% of them are still active in our system!!”

Carrols, LLC will attending this Spring’s Job Fair at Kent State Stark. Their continued growth allows them to accept resumes a continuously, but at the Job Fair they will be hiring for hourly and salaried Manager positions. Ray Lynn who is the Human Resources Manager that attends our Job Fairs has been coming back for about 7 to 8 years. Ray said he did not learn how great of an organization we are until he acquired more stores for the Akron/Canton area. Speaking with Ray I learned that he has attended other job fairs in parts of Ohio. He made it a point to give his rep, Jamie, a call and tell him that the others don’t compare.

“I’ve been to job fairs and have gotten horrible service,

no applicants, and no advertising of the event.”

“I shared with Jamie that I gave the coordinator of that event Jamie’s name,

and told them they should attend one of your job fairs, because you know how to do it right!!”

That last quote is my absolute favorite! And, like Ray has said, you will not find a job fair that can even begin to compare with what we have to offer! StarkJobs really works hard to make sure the employers and job seekers have the best experience possible. As Ray and other employers have told me before they are consistently pleased with the job fair locations and the amount of advertising we do.

“You have numerous employers at these events that helps draw a larger crowd, 

and your customer service to us (the employers) is outstanding.”

Like Ray many of the employers that we have attending our Job Fairs are very satisfied with the outcome of each event and they plan on attending for many, many years. Please check the Job Fair site for to get all of the event details including who’s hiring! Have questions? Comment on here or message us on Facebook!


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