Is Your Resume Tracking Friendly?!

By Joy Belus on September 24, 2014 in Job Seekers, Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

Tracking Friendly? Not only can your resume be too long or too short, be to “wordy” but now it has to be tracking friendly?


So, I would say that about 98% of the jobs that are posted on our Career Marketplace sites including, and you have to attach your resume. Most of the time when you apply for a job everything is done electronically and a recent article found in Men’s Health Magazine mentions this topic and why hiring a professional to help you with your resume might be a good investment. 
  resume1                  resume2
To think that your resume could get “booted” by the system just sounds crazy but in some cases it’s very true. Having those keywords could be the small change you need to get the call back you have been waiting for. So check out or Second Glance Resumes to receive professional help for your resume.  


Resume ready to go? Looking for your next great opportunity?

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