What To Wear To A Job Fair

By Joy Belus on July 8, 2015 in Employment News, Job Fair Advice, Job Seekers

What To Wear To A Job Fair

Summer in Ohio is not summer in Florida.

Nevertheless, it still gets warm and muggy.

 The AkronWorks.com Summer Job Fair is coming up next week on July 15th! Below we have provided some tips for the ladies and gents on what to wear to a job fair. We know you have a busy schedule so here is one thing that might make your day a little easier. 🙂

Ladies, we are not experts on fashion, but we are experts on connecting you with local companies that are hiring. That is why below you will see a picture, that you can click on, and it will take you to an article by Forbes that will be able to assist you on what to wear to a job fair.

Gents, some of you take pride in your clothing and some just put on what is in your closet. Both are fine. We would recommend, however, that a little bit of effort goes into your clothing selection on July 15th. (If you are planing on attending the job fair) Below you can also click on the picture for advice on what to wear to a job fair.




Hopefully the article is helpful to you! If you have further questions about the job fair on July 15th we have the date and location listed below as well as our contact information.

Good Luck and Dress Well!

Contact Information: Call us at (330) 454-5627 or email info@careermarketplace.com

AkronWorks.com Summer Job Fair

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