Career Advice No One Will Actually Tell You

Let’s be serious. There are some things that college just can’t teach you about being in the professional world. So here’s some career advice no one will actually tell you.




1. Don’t complain about Mondays. – John Smart

Sure, everyone looks forward to the weekend but “if you hate your career that much, you don’t have the right career”.

2. Your main goal at work should be to learn and contribute. – Laura Cooke

“Success and promotion will follow from there.”

3. You don’t get ahead by doing your job well- you get ahead by making new things happen that weren’t a part of your job description. – Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG


4. The way to get more responsibility is to build up trust with smaller things. – Anonymous


5. Never, ever cook fish in the office microwave. – Ryan Harvey, Institutional Investment Consultant




6. Ask your boss what their biggest problem is and make it go away. – Virginia Backaitis

That’s the quickest way to prove your importance.

7. As an employee, you are essentially a small business of one. – David Osborne, President & Founder at Simmetry Solutions

Your employer is the customer, and you must focus on how to increase your skills to be more desirable.

8. Jobs are a marathon, not a sprint. – Michael O. Church

You don’t need to work 80-hour weeks.

9. Don’t just look up for opportunities, look laterally. – Vikrant Vaidya

If you have diverse experience you are more likely to progress faster than people you have more experience.

10. Learn how to properly use questions. – Jan Theys, author and lawyer

Asking questions in a non-threatening way that can open many doors.


These 10 points include some career advice that no one will actually tell you but if you’re interested in learning more the link to the full article is below.

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