5 Job Seeker Tools You Should Know and Love

By Joy Belus on March 17, 2016 in Career Transition, Job Seeker Tips, Job Seekers

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to job searching in the 21st century. Gone are the days when job seekers could simply respond to newspaper want ads. Nowadays, there are a million and one apps, websites, and assorted tools, all claiming that they are vital to the success of the modern job seeker. Some of them are truly helpful, but many are not.

So how does a busy, stressed job seeker sort the good from the bad? Without further ado, Career Marketplace gives you our 5 favorite tools for today’s job seekers!

#1. LinkedIn’s job search app

What it does: Installed on your phone, this app lets you easily search through LinkedIn job postings based on location, keywords, and other filters you set. Read job descriptions and requirements, save your favorites, and one-click apply using your LinkedIn profile for certain jobs.

Why it’s awesome: Bored standing in the line at the grocery store? Killing time before an appointment? Pull open this easy-to-navigate app whenever you have a few minutes to flick through jobs. Before you know it, you’ll have a must-apply short-list created. Plus, more and more companies are posting jobs on LinkedIn, and the results tend to be more targeted than what you might find on more traditional aggregated job boards.

#2. Resume Genius

What it does: This free online platform helps you quickly and easily create a stand-out resume.

Why it’s awesome: If design isn’t your strong-suit, the point-and-click templates provide a user-friendly visual framework to get you started. If you struggle to describe your accomplishments in a compelling way, the drag-and-drop professional “action” statements will be your favorite feature. This tool takes the guesswork and pain out of the resume-creation process.

#3. Glassdoor

What it does: Look up companies you are interested in and find out what employees and interviewees have to say. Search and apply for open jobs. Look up salary ranges for similar positions.

Why it’s awesome: The biggest benefit of Glassdoor is the ability to find out what other “consumers” have experienced day-to-day. Think of it as the Yelp of job searching. As with any review site, take individual reviews with a grain of salt, but use them to find out the possible pros and cons of going to work for a company you’re considering. This site is also helpful for determining the market value of a position when taken in conjunction with Payscale (below).

#4. Payscale

What it does: This site is the go-to database of salary ranges for a given industry, position, job title, etc.

Why it’s awesome: In order to negotiate a fair salary, you need to know what you and your skills are worth to an employer. Use this site to arm yourself with information so that you’re ready when an interviewer asks the all-important question, “What salary range would you consider for this position?”

#5. Vistaprint

What it does: This website is an inexpensive printer of all manner of paper products, but known especially for business cards. You can design directly on the site using their templates, or upload a custom design. At $9.99 for 500 cards, the prices are unbeatable, and the customer service is also excellent.

Why it’s awesome: Whether attending a job fair, a networking event, or simply going about your day-to-day life, it’s important to have business cards on hand. This site allows you to get professional business cards printed for a great price, which will give you that extra edge for any impromptu networking opportunity.

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