[Infographic] Are You a Job Hopper?

By Joy Belus on March 24, 2016 in Job Seekers, Professional Development
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Have you ever been accused of being a job hopper? If so, you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last.

In years past, the term “job hopper” had a very negative meaning. Employees avoided the moniker at all costs, and those who were branded with it had a harder time finding new positions. Employers were distrustful of those who had a history of short-term stints at multiple jobs.

Nowadays, things are different. It’s rare to find a job that fits for years on end, and companies are likewise unable to commit to employees for long periods of time. As a result of the changing landscape of employment, “job-hopping” is no longer as cut-and-dry, and employers are much more willing to consider new hires with that history.

However, there are always pros and cons to leaving one job for another, and that’s especially true when considering leaving a position after a short time.

Check out the great infographic below from Ajilon Professional Staffing to find out the pros and cons of job hopping in the modern age!

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