Attract and Retain Talent: Employer Branding Webinar

By Joy Belus on April 5, 2016 in Employers, Employment News, Job Advertising Tips, Recruiting Tips

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Employer branding can be an elusive concept to grasp. What is it, exactly? How does it help your business? And above all, will putting effort into branding really be worth your time?

Join Us for An Employer Branding Webinar

Career Marketplace is here to help. Senior Account Executive / Sales Team Strategist Jamie Whitacre will answer these questions (and others!) in his upcoming free webinar:

How to Manage an Employer Brand to Attract and Retain Talent

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Jamie, who has been working with HR professionals for over 10 years, will focus on the following topics:

  • How to use branding to attract talent
  • How to manage multiple generations once you’ve hired them
  • How to retain talent with the help of a strong brand

Sign up for the webinar Friday, April 8 at 11 am ET to learn how a strong employer brand can help you attract and retain incredible talent!

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