On Careers – 8 Red Flags Employers See on Your Resume

In this article from U.S. News and World Reports On Careers, Alison Green lists, 8 Red Flags Employers See On Your Resume. Read an excerpt of Green’s article below. Read Full Article Hiring managers spend only seconds skimming your resume before making a quick decision about whether to reject you or consider you further, so it’s essential that […]

Lifehacker – Include Personal Projects On Resumes When You’re Just Starting Out

In this article from Lifehacker, Thorin Klosowski advises job seekers to Include Personal Projects on Resumes When You’re Just Starting Out. Read an excerpt from Klosowski’s article below. Read Full Article Getting a job when you’re just starting in your field can be difficult because your resume is essentially empty. That said, creativity blog 99U suggests […]